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  • 01 Haemieupseong Festival
  • 02 Migratory bird
  • 03 Seosan Maae Samjon Bulsang


  • Samgilpo Rockfish Festival
  • Seosan Six-Cloves Garlic Festival
  • Mt. Palbong Potato Festival
  • Haemi Eupseong History Experiencing Festival
  • Chrysanthemum Festival
  • Ryubangtaek Star Festival


Seosan, the city of happiness and liveliness, is being developed by one hundred eighty thousand citizens as one.


  • Seosan Six-Year-Old Ginseng This product has solid tissues and a strong flavor since it is cultivated in a mild marine climate and on soil replete with organisms.
  • Six-Cloves Garlic Domestic variety of Seosan, this is health food with excellent taste and smell, effective for relieving fatigue, improving overall health, and preventing cancer.
  • Rice Grown in the Reclaimed Land Seosan rice produced from reclaimed land tastes good and has a sheen polish since it takes nourishment from fertile soil accumulated over tens of thousands of years against sea winds.
  • Seosan ginger and Korean ginger cracker Native to the region, the nation's biggest producing area, this has unique taste and smell, effective in preventing cancer and atherosclerosis. Rice cookies made of clean Seosan ginger produced in a traditional way taste refreshing and smell good.
  • Orchid Seosan Orchid is cultivated under a large amount of sunshine and in a mild marine climate. It has been enjoying popularity since it has livelier and more vibrant colors and it's blooming period is more than one month longer in comparison with orchids produced in other regions.

History & Culture

  • Seosan MaaeSamjon Bulsang Bulsang
  • Haemi-eup Seong Fortressand a Roman CatholicChurch Scared Ground
  • Bowonsaji